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About Us
Intradin (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd.

Establishedin 1997, Intradin (Shanghai)Machinery Co., Ltd. is a major player in the R&D and production of toolsand equipment in China.We serve our professional and industrial clients in the world with soundproduct lines through technological innovation and quality guarantee. We covera wide range of products including hose reel, lubrication equipment, fueltransfer equipment, hydraulic products and so forth, which are all manufacturedby us after the successful independent research and development for the pastten years and have obtained over 20 international and domestic patents.

We havebecome one of the most excellent suppliers in China. Relying on advancedprocessing equipment and rigorous ISO9001 quality assurance system, we haveadhered to the high-quality and lean standards and have spread our saleschannels to provide comprehensive and satisfactory services to over hundreds ofcustomers all over the world.

Intradin will develop itself into an outstanding globalenterprise made up of people who dedicate their lives to undertakings that areconducive to positive social causes. 


We are committed to
Facilitating the work and life of mankind

Our vision
Combining the talent of a righteous, bright and industrious group of people,utilizing our resources wisely and economically, and always capitalizing on themanagement progress and technological innovation to reach the satisfaction ofour clients in a fast and accurate manner and become a world famous corporationin this industry through harmonious and orderly development.
Ourlong-term vision and target
We are committed to being the best global supplier of tools and equipment.
Ouroutlooks on values/value orientation
Magnanimous conduct, surefooted working, striving to be better and lifelong learning


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Add: 118 Duhui Road, Minhang Dist., Shanghai, China Mainland
Tel: 86-21-64908190
Fax: 86-21-64856185

Hot Products

Add: 118 Duhui Road, Minhang Dist., Shanghai, China MainlandTel: 86-21-64908190Fax: 86-21-64856185Email: